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Men Massage 

All of our masseurs are highly qualified and licensed from a recognized Thai massage school to make your massage relaxing and nice. Their diplomas can be viewed at the reception.
We have 5 private, massage rooms with air conditioning. They are spacious and with a private shower. If you would like to have a massage with your partner/friend, one of the rooms has 2 massage tables as well.

Thai massage knowledge developed through the centuries. Real Thai massage was practiced and developed over centuries in Buddhist monasteries. Only men have enough power in their hands to give you the sensation of a real Thai massage.
Massage for Men by Men 

Men Massage 300x199
We offer 1 or 2 hours massages – time goes by very quickly when a nice boy takes care of you!
If you take a massage, you can get a discounted entry fee for our sauna the same day: 200 Baht.
As for our rooms, these prices are all inclusive, only the tip is optional and “up to you” if you enjoyed your massage

Massage for men by men

Foot Massage 1h ฿ 250
Thai Massage 1h ฿ 300
Thai Massage 2h ฿ 550
Oil Massage 1h ฿ 400
Oil Massage 2h ฿ 700
Cream Massage 1h ฿ 450
Cream Massage 2h ฿ 750

Opening time: Daily from 10:00 AM – 24:00 PM

Body Scrub Massage 1h ฿ 450
Body Scrub Massage
+ Oil or Aroma or Cream
1.5h ฿ 700
Body Scrub Massage
+ Oil or Aroma or Cream + Powder
2h ฿ 1000

Opening time: Daily from 10:00 AM – 24:00 PM

Sunblock 0.5h ฿ 300
Alovera for sunburn 1h ฿ 500
Aroma Massage 1h ฿ 450
Powder Massage 1h ฿ 400
Thai Herbal Massage 1h ฿ 500

Opening time: Daily from 10:00 AM – 24:00 PM

Special Package

Enjoy a massage of your choice and get a discounted Aquarius Sauna entrance for 200 ฿.

Rooftop Sundeck 

300x199 Relax on our rooftop sundeck during a warm breeze while taking in stunning panoramic city views. Enjoy for optimal benefits, also very private and with an outside jacuzzi. You will also be able to have a drink in the nearby bar.

Enjoy the convenient Aquarius Guesthouse & Sauna in Patong, Phuket.
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Daily from 15h00 until ca. 22:00h

MEN MASSAGE: from ฿ 250